Self Reliance

Q: How do you know when a hippie stayed on your couch last week? 

A: He’s still there.

At the UNRally, we come prepared. 

Imagine you’re out on the trail, riding and having a total blast. 

You’re half-way through the ride, and you come upon someone with a flat tire. They’re alone and stuck, way back in the woods. Why?

Example 1: they brought tools and tubes, but snapped a tire iron or pinched a tube. Shit!! You stop what you’re doing and help. No question right? That could happen to anyone. Yeah you missed out on some awesome riding, but you feel good because you helped someone in need.

Example 2: they don’t have tools or tubes. What the fuck were they doing out there without tools and tubes?? You still stop and help, of course, but now you’re pissed. Your day got less fun because somebody else came unprepared.

The Alvord is a very remote place. If you get lost or hurt, help is a long ways off. It’ll take a village to get you out. There’s no medical tent or doctor at the UNRally, and the nearest hospital is several hours away in Burns. 

Here are some things you can do to prepare:

  • Have an InReach, or ride with somebody who does. The InReach is a two-way communicator that lets you send and receive text messages to anyone, from anywhere in the world. It also has an SOS button that calls in the cavalry (i.e. BLM Rangers and Search & Rescue) when shit goes sideways.

  • Have a GPS with maps, but don’t rely on it. Have paper maps too, or take some cell phone pics of the ones we bring, and make sure your phone has a full charge. We highly recommend having an Oregon Gazetteer. It’s a big map book with a ton of detail. Remove the pages you need and pack them on your bike.

  • Buddy-up with someone of similar ability, and be open to riders who want to buddy-up with you. This is probably the best precaution you can take. We’re not leading or sweeping any rides, so you’re on your own. If something bad happens you’ll be glad to have a friend.

Do risky stuff, but don’t count on others to bail you out. And when you find something awesome, please share!