EveryonE’s Invited

Yes, you.

The UNRally is an inclusive event. All active participants are invited. You don’t have to be a good rider, or even a rider at all. You don’t have to work in the industry or know someone who does. There are no ‘cool kids’ at the UNRally. We don’t care if you’re coming to ride or just to party. Stay up all night or wake up early.

Just because everyone is invited, however, doesn’t mean everyone can come. The size of our gathering is strictly limited by the BLM, who is tasked with managing this incredible wilderness where we meet. If you want to come, you must register. Please make sure your friends and riding buddies do the same. If people come who didn’t register, we’ll exceed the limit of our permit and we’ll have a problem.

It takes nothing to register. Just sign up on the Eventbrite Page and make a donation. Every year we have a suggested donation amount, but yours can be as little as $1. If that’s too much for your dirtbag-traveler self, we’ll reimburse you the dollar.

Nobody should ever miss the UNRally because they can’t afford it.