No Commerce

The UNRally is not for buying, selling, or promoting products and services.

There are no vendor tents, no presentations, and no fucking raffles. We’re not communists, we just want a weekend where we’re not trying to sell anybody anything, and nobody’s trying to sell us stuff either.

If you work in the motorcycle industry, please leave your branded ez-ups and logo flags at home. If you need your ez-up for shade, please turn the canopy inside out. If you want to showcase your products, put them on your bike and ride.

The UNRally itself is a not-for-profit event. Why? Because once profit comes into play, it dominates the entire agenda. If we tried to make money, or pay everyone a fair price for their contribution, the model would fall apart. We do this because we love it.

UNRally donations cover the expense of the BLM permit, improvements to the UNRally infrastructure, porta-potties, and two dinners from Fields Station. We intentionally budget for a slight loss. The average Hollywood movie costs $10 and lasts two hours. So as entertainment goes, the UNRally is a remarkable value.